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Risk Management Assignment - Free Essay Example

Risk Management The Task Introduction This task is involve all the point of risk management process. Identify the risks and potential effects in general, can help the local computer in starting the process of risk management or contract, auditors should recommend that agencies explore better ways of management in the region. Reducing the risk acceptable level of risk can not be eliminated. It includes the level of risk the organization can live, make sure that the right controls in place to keep the risk to an acceptable level. Transfer of risk to the insurer. i.e. to ensure the companys property theft or damage, such as wind or fire damage or transferring the risk to another organization (for example, using a third install network equipment vendor that sales are made responsible for plant success or failure). Examine and discuss each step below which forms part of the risk management process followed within an enterprise. Explain the reasons behind each step, what each step achieves for the enterprise and give examples. Determine the objectives of the organisation : Risk management and risk management purposes, the first step toward defining the goals of your organization to define a shared vision. A general view of the back, you have to define the objectives of the overall risk management purposes. In a statement, while the aspirational vision, goals and objectives as stated in simple terms what needs to be achieved in general. They should be in a real system. They are defined in the companys business strategy. For example, some common goals, risk management companies choose to design their ERM approach as follows: In order to manage the cost of risk-based business, multiple functions and business units to develop a general understanding of risk. Get a better understanding of the risks of competition. Creating a protection against financial surprises. Create and effectively limited possibilities, vital, improve opportunities to deal with disaster risk. Achieve lower costs through better management of local resources. Allocate capital more efficiently. Be consistent with the risk management objectives and strategies to support the business objectives and the company. Therefore, the companys business model and risk management provides an important context. identify exposures to loss : Identification of risk management is an important first step; If you know that it is quite possible loss of coverage as a truly strategic, cost-effective to deal with them will not be able to develop. Hundreds can not risk or hazard that may lead to an unexpected loss will be recognized. For example, if you had a fire, how can you fire losses do not realize that large. This includes building demolition and clear, but at the same time you should consider. Smoke and water damage. Destruction of personal property and the property of others experts to vacate the premises (for example, data processing equipment or property leasing customers for inspection or repair, youll leave). How much work is lost for the time it takes to return to normal business. The possibility of permanent loss of customers of competitors. In every detail of your business activities, risk identification process begins to look and what might cause a loss. exposure you can get some answers. You know, for each side, ask how big a loss. This focuses on the ability of weight on each side, for example, harm does it cost? The goal here replaced or repaired, but the total cost of losses is to find the source of funds. Many business owners as a list of insurance agents is available risk analysis survey or research use. In addition, agents can help you analyse your situation; expertise and experience, are less likely to forget any subject. Measure those same exposures : The risk of the effects of such a process. Events are exposed to so eliminate the possibility of not. However, information management and try to understand the risks and more effective crisis management in accordance with Council report: The objectives of the companies and organizations in and a result, development and protection of the environment in which the risk is transferred from the surface., There is no comprehensive evaluation of the sound system is regularly cited as evidence of the involvement of the company at risk. Nature and some success in the costs of the company to take risks, objective, fairness and risk management and to help him right The first crisis management, investing a little time and effort, and avoid many of the problems in the management can achieve great benefits. What action (dangerous) to initiate and to treat the symptoms (effect) is good medicine. Select alternatives : Risk management offers a number of different ways to different risk circumvention. Liberty International Underwriters Gaza rumours are: Customizing the frontman for all lines of insurance High quality claims handling Vaccines and under the most business Assessment / risk insurance global status Mortality risk and reinsurance programs Implement a solution : Improve the quality and effectiveness of risk management Risk assessment in collaboration with business users Automate and consolidate corporate communication of risk exposure Risk Management Department is responsible for assessing your organizations exposure to risk, ensuring that the risk is adequately controlled by all departments and verified that all business units are using the same method of risk assessment. Mega solution for enterprise risk management has been developed to support risk management and risk owners throughout the process of risk assessment and control, with a personalized interface for each user profile. Common workspace, workflows, and shared resources to help stakeholders to exchange information and knowledge, the use of existing standards, methods and documentation, and ensuring full of data. Graphical modelling capabilities the solution provides better readability risk mapping. Risks are mapped directly to the diagrams of business processes within the organization that can be adapted to the risk exposure. Facilitated cooperation with business processes helps managers to strengthen the culture on the basis of risk across the organization. Monitor and review the outcomes : Monitoring is an important aspect of continuous improvement. In order to constantly monitor and support is the overall activity of the tissue, in order to ensure the value the effectiveness, efficiency and, regular review of risk management policies and procedures necessary. They also, within government agencies, and to provide feedback both of the entire government, stakeholders and other administrators. Approach and risk management system and inspection, will help you determine whether or not to achieve the desired results, collected during an audit, potential gaps for improvement, views, suggestions and opinions, and opportunities gap it helps to identify. If necessary, monitoring and evaluation, methods and organization of risk management, communication request, the process of reporting of stakeholders internal and external and I will connect the members of the door. Examine and discuss a risk management frameworks standards model. Discuss the principles behind the model, the drivers and components involved in the process. A risk management framework is a description of a specific set of organizational and functional Activities and related definitions which define the risk management system in an organization. Organizational system and the relationship to risk management. Risk management Framework defines the processes and procedures and timing of processes that will be used to Risk management. Good risk management framework should enhance and improve risk. Management by: 1 making it more transparent and understandable to stakeholders, 2 by making their processes more efficient and 3 by allowing for cross fertilization of risk controls, risk estimation, risk assessment of Others because standardize terminology, processes, equipment, etc. components of Risk management Frameworks Risk management consists of eight items related companies. it comes About the way management runs a business and will be integrated with the management process. The elements are: à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¢ Internal Environment The internal environment includes tons Organization and establishes the basis for how we see the risk assumed by People, including risk management philosophy and risk appetite, integrity and ethical Values ÃÆ' ¢Ãƒ ¢Ã¢â‚¬Å¡Ã‚ ¬Ãƒ ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¹ÃƒÆ' ¢Ãƒ ¢Ã¢â‚¬Å¡Ã‚ ¬Ãƒ ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¹and the environment in which they operate. à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¢ Set targets targets must exist before management can identify potential Events affecting the results. Enterprise risk management ensures that management has established a process to set objectives and that the chosen objectives Support and fits with the mission of the unit and is consistent with its risk appetite. à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¢ Event Identification Internal entity affecting achievement and external event s The objectives must be identified, distinguishing between risks and opportunities. Opportunities will come back to the control strategy and goal setting Processes. à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¢ Risk Assessment Risks are analyzed, considering likelihood and impact, as a basis To determine how they should be managed. Risk will be assessed indigenous Residual base. à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¢ Risk Response The Board selects risk responses avoiding, accepting, reducing, Or sharing risk developing a set of actions to align risks with the entitys risk Tolerances and risk appetite. à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¢ Control Activities Policies and procedures implemented to help To make sure that the risks are being effectively implemented. à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¢ Information and Communication relevant information is captured and Press the manner and the conditions that enable people to achieve their Obligations. Effective communication also occurs in a broader sense, flowing To the other s ide, or even people. à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¢ Monitoring Global enterprise risk management is monitored and Changes made in case of Poland. Monitoring is carried out under management activities, separate evaluations, or both. Risk management in the company is not entirely a serial process, in which only one component affects further. It is a multi-iterative process, where almost all the components can not interact. Examine and discuss each step below which forms part of the risk assessment process followed within an enterprise. Explain the reasons behind each step, what each step achieves for the enterprise and give examples Identification of relevant business objectives : It is possible to account for the risk assessment and vulnerability to a number of objectives. Some of these objectives may be the result of matching the requirements of the new rules, orders and regulations related to information security. Safety as a process for IT infrastructure and assets relating primarily to prevent, detect and comprehensive process safety and security architecture and a powerful framework to help IT organizations to ensure the safety of infrastructure and property in accordance with the minimum level of acceptable risk or exposure. Identifying events that could affect the achievement of objectives : Measuring the success of your event in many ways, one of which is security. As part of any good plan. The process should identify hazards and assess risks and controls to minimize the risk of injury or Damage. Events in size, nature and character is different, but all events require assessment, monitoring and risk control. While most of us understand this, we find it difficult to document the event, such as risk Register or application of risk control. Start with something simple to remember and build on it. It will be Valuable tool that you can use to assess the security event from the planning stage through to the overall. Evaluation of the event. Determining risk tolerance : Your Risk tolerance measures how comfortably you can handle declines in the value of your investment both emotionally and financially. Build a retirement portfolio tailored to your risk tolerance is crucial. In addition to providing peace of mind, it enables you to avoid making rash decisions when emotions investment market volatility. Investors who do not risk more than they can genuinely bear often end up leaving their investments at the worst possible time, Incurring losses that could have otherwise been avoided by investing in risk their comfort zone. your risk tolerance is determined by several factors, some of that combine and your ability to take risks and others that relate to your attitude to risk-taking. Your ability to take risk may depend on your age when you expect to retire, how much properties are already saved up, and your current strength and future access. Your attitude to risk depends largely on your personality and investment experience. Assessing the inherent likelihood and impact of risks : For internal Auditor, Risk analysis is important because it provides information on the priorities in the audit universe. Auditor looking at all he has the right to audit (audit universe) and wondered where his career, giving the point, is better executed. You need to think this through: not in areas where management knows they have issues. If she inspections there, hell find ways to respond to management resounding So what, we knew that already added value insurance directly. That the auditor should consider are the areas where the risk is great, but according to the management appropriately mitigated. Chemical residues reviews do him no good, because the colour management will be sufficiently mitigated the risk as the residual risk. It gets confused and states the primary risk or low risk normal residual value. Thus, the internal Auditor wants to review natural hazards. Evaluating the portfolio of risks and determining risk responses : By taking a portfolio approach to risk management, companies can optimize, rather than reduce, natural hazards. However, as the inherent risk of failure to align with the business of risk appetite, risk responses should be applied. Response options include accepting the risk, in order to avoid risks and reduce risk. Reduce the cost of operations should be considered along with the benefits to fully determine the actual benefit of all responses. Estimated net profit is important to determine what is the most appropriate response (s) risk. One such activity is the reduction of business process management (BPM), which is also important for effective enterprise risk management (ERM). By linking performance specification for the process to strategic objectives, BPM can be a useful tool to efficiently manage risk from a portfolio perspective tool. Assessing residual likelihood and impact of risks : Risks commonly accepted definition is: information security threats usually are divided into three categories of natural, plant or human Possibility that the threat (or threat agent) to exploit vulnerability is due multiplied by the impact of business they use. and the effects will be assessed on the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information assets. The organizations have been carrying out this procedure successfully to assess the risk for many years. What organizations are struggling with is that when you do this type of assessment and how to use the results to make decisions to implement the time, money and resources to reduce the risk. In terms of information assets, risk assessment methods. Conclusion We learn here how risk management process is important. Risk assessment and frameworks standard are very effective in risk management process. Risk management is relevant to everything you do, not just the advice you give the client but yourself and the way you run your office. Risk assessment consider the risk quality and quantity. Jignesh Raval 1

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Why It Is Important For The Business Of Police - 2208 Words

Introduction When I planned to start this paper I was unsure of what I wanted to pick but it was not long after, I started to think about what was important to me in policing. Each one that I picked are related to each other in the business of police. I think the three issues that I picked were very important, each being important in their own ways. Not only do I think they are important but with the amount of information I found off of each of them; I think a lot of other people thought it was important as well. I will explain each of them in a small amount of detail in the introduction, but enough so that you may understand what you are about to read about. The first issue that I would like to talk about is one that I think ties with†¦show more content†¦With this being said police are having to act very carefully more so now than twenty of so years ago. The last Issue that I will talk about is something that I think can be changed by enforcing stricter laws. For this to h appen though it could be against someone’s rights though, but this issue is an issue that has not been going on that long but it has been around since people first lived. You may wonder what would be something that has really changed all that much and has been around that long well the answer is media. Yes media has changed a lot since it first started, and yes it has changed a lot for police as well in helping them and not helping them. I think some would agree that at this day and time police are seen as the bad guys or the spot light gets put on them all the time. You really see this happen when there is an officer involved shooting. Something that was talked about in my police and the community class was that media like to jump the gun. They try to get information out there even if it may be fake news or false news. This is something where police need to tighten the ropes and set laws for media on making these comments if it is not true. Issue 1 Technology in Policing When looking at technology in a broad topic, it becomes very clear in our minds that since the early eighty’s technology has sky rocketed. Many new advancements in helping out in our everyday lives. As well as helping in our emergency services like heartShow MoreRelatedAs a city manager one must constantly make decisions that affect thousands of people. Every1000 Words   |  4 PagesAs a city manager one must constantly make decisions that affect thousands of people. Every decision is important however, budget decisions tend to be decisions that bring conflict and uncertainty. When the humble city of Louisville, managed to raise a surplus of million dollars, the city as a whole, to include city Council and the public was extremely excited. Not only because a surplus is a great challenge in this economy, but because a million dollars could go back into the community and helpRead MorePolice Corruption968 Words   |  4 Pagescrime you may ask. White-collar is defined as, ‘a generic term for crimes involving commercial fraud, cheating consumers, swindles, insider trading on the stock market, embezzlement and other forms of dishonest business schemes. The term comes from the out of date assumption that business executives wear white shirts and ties. It also theoretically distinguishes these crimes and criminals from physical crimes, supposedly likely to be committed by blue collar workers.† Many people do not realizeRead MoreDonald Trump Super Hero Or Villain?1656 Words   |  7 Pageshave their opinions and thoughtfully expressed results. Donald Trump should not be impeached because he supports historically black colleges (HBCU’s), he wants to create more jobs by supporting small and big businesses, and he support blue collars (police) and the army. Historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) are institutions of higher education in the United States that were established before 1964. These colleges and universities were made for the African American community. They haveRead MoreStaffing Problems Of The Virginia State Police Department Essay1430 Words   |  6 Pagesintensity levels of the issues may vary from company to company. Recently, the Virginia State Police suffered from several staffing issues. This paper will address the specific staffing concerns with the Virginia Police Department, the ineffectiveness of the situation illustrated in the article, and ways the police department could have done differently or prepared itself better. The Virginia State Police has experienced a rise in staffing issues which include staffing shortages because of poor recruitmentRead MoreCaselets: Bribery and Extortion in International Essay598 Words   |  3 PagesBribery and Extortion in International Business Case 1. Case 1 (payment to general’s Swiss bank account): Would you make the payment to the general’s Swiss bank account? Why or why not? You should discuss the relevant laws in your answer. I would not make the 2 million dollar payment to the Swiss bank account of the general in charge of the ministry. First, this payment would be in direct violation of U.S. law, the foreign corrupt practices act (FCPA). This law forbids any payment by a companyRead MoreResearch Proposal1447 Words   |  6 PagesPart-Time BA (Hons) Business Administration and Management Cohort January 2013 Module Title Business Research Issue and Anylysis (Module code BAMG 2104 ) Assignment Topic/ Title Research Proposal Name of Instructor Dr Michael Ng Name of Student 1) AU Kwan Tai, 2) Chan Yan Ki, 3) Choi Chak Pan, 4) Chong Ka Chun DMU Student No. 1) P13014477 , 2) P13014523 3) P13014614, 4) P13014628 Group No. Date of Submission 25 Feb, 2014 DMU Business Research Methods ResearchRead MoreThe Uniform Crime Report1333 Words   |  6 Pagesare many theories of why that may be the case, for example, Caesar Lombroso and his â€Å"atavistic† theory with t he Positivist School theory and how people were â€Å"born criminals†, or the Rational Choice Theory, devised by Cornish and Clarke, described that people could think rationally and how people will naturally avoid pain and seek pleasure referred to as â€Å"hedonism† (Cartwright, 2017, lecture 4). Since it is apparent that crime will continue to exist, it is not only important to understand the studyRead MoreEssay on The Inability of Police to Capturing Jack the Ripper1528 Words   |  7 PagesThe Inability of Police to Capturing Jack the Ripper In my opinion I disagree with this statement The police were to blame for not capturing Jack the Ripper. This is because we are dealing with a nineteenth century police force and not one of the twenty- first century. In modern times, forensic science deals with analysis of blood samples, DNA, ballistic, fibres, glass and pain, shoe and glove marks and many other scientific applications. The police force at the timeRead More Prostitution Should be Legalized Essay560 Words   |  3 Pagesservice that we pay to receive. Besides, there are far more serious crimes that require the full attention of our police force than prostitution; therefore, policing it is a costly waste of time and police resources. Furthermore, prostitution is already legal in Singapore, Denmark, and a part of the United States as well. In this Essay, I will discuss these ideas; thereby, proving why prostitution should be legalized. Prostitution should be legalized because it should be treated likeRead MoreCompstat1310 Words   |  6 Pages(IT) is the technology side of an information system. In order for police departments to be able to manage their resources in combating crime in their areas they will have to adapt to new technologies. One of these technologies is CompStat which stands for comparative statistics. CompStat made its first appearance in 1994 in New York City. Since then many police departments have implemented the CompStat system. Once a police officer makes an arrest they have to fill out a report. This report

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Free Variation in Phonetics Definition and Examples

In phonetics and phonology, free variation is an alternative pronunciation of a word (or of a phoneme in a word) that doesnt affect the words meaning. Free variation is free in the sense that it doesnt result in a different word. As William B. McGregor observes, Absolutely free variation is rare. Usually, there are reasons for it, perhaps the speakers dialect, perhaps the emphasis the speaker wants to put on the word (Linguistics: An Introduction, 2009). Commentary When the same speaker produces noticeably different pronunciations of the word cat (e.g. by exploding or not exploding the final /t/), the different realizations of the phonemes are said to be in free variation. (Alan Cruttenden, Gimsons Pronunciation of English, 8th ed. Routledge, 2014) Free Variation in Context Sounds that are in free variation occur in the same context, and thus are not predictable, but the difference between the two sounds does not change one word into another. Truly free variation is rather hard to find. Humans are very good at picking up distinctions in ways of speaking, and assigning meaning to them, so finding distinctions that are truly unpredictable and that truly have no shade of difference in meaning is rare. (Elizabeth C. Zsiga, The Sounds of Language: An Introduction to Phonetics and Phonology. Wiley-Blackwell, 2012) [F]ree variation, however infrequent, can be found between the realizations of separate phonemes (phonemic free variation, as in [i] and [aI] of either), as well as between the allophones of the same phoneme (allophonic free variation, as in [k] and [kË ¥] of back)...   For some speakers, [i] may be in free variation with [I] in final position (e.g. city [sIti, sItI], happy [hÃ"•pi, hÃ"•pI]). The use of final unstressed [I] is most common to the south of a line drawn west from Atlantic City to northern Missouri, thence southwest to New Mexico. (Mehmet Yavas, Applied English Phonology, 2nd ed. Wiley-Blackwell, 2012) Stressed and Unstressed Syllables There can... be free variation between full and reduced vowels in unstressed syllables, which also has to do with related morphemes. For example, the word affix can be a verb or a noun, and the form carries stress on the final syllable and the latter on the initial one. But in actual speech, the initial vowel of the verb is actually in free variation with schwa and the full vowel: /É™fIks/ and /Ã"•fIks/, and this unstressed full vowel is the same as that found in the initial syllable of the noun, /Ã"•fIks/. This kind of alternation is probably due to the fact that both forms actually occur, and they are instances of two lexical items that are not just formally but also semantically closely related. Cognitively, when only one is actually evoked in a given construction, both are probably activated nevertheless, and this is the likely source of this free variation. (Riitta Và ¤limaa-Blum, Cognitive Phonology in Construction Grammar: Analytic Tools for Students of English. Walter de Gruyter, 2005) Extragrammatical Factors The fact that variation is free does not imply that it is totally unpredictable, but only that no grammatical principles govern the distribution of variants. Nevertheless, a wide range of extragrammatical factors may affect the choice of one variant over the other, including sociolinguistic variables (such as gender, age, and class), and performance variables (such as speech style and tempo). Perhaps the most important diagnostic of extragrammatical variables is that they affect the choice of occurrence of one output in a stochastic way, rather than deterministically. (Renà © Kager, Optimality Theory. Cambridge University Press, 1999)

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Delphi File Size in Bytes

The FileSize function returns the size of a file, in bytes -- a useful result for certain file-handing applications within a Delphi program. Get File Size The FileSize function returns the size of a file in bytes; the function returns -1 if the file was not found. // returns file size in bytes or -1 if not found.function FileSize(fileName : wideString) : Int64;varsr : TSearchRec;beginif FindFirst(fileName, faAnyFile, sr ) 0 thenresult : Int64(sr.FindData.nFileSizeHigh) shl Int64(32) Int64(sr.FindData.nFileSizeLow)elseresult : -1;FindClose(sr);end; When you have the size of a file in bytes, you may wish to format the size for display (Kb, Mb, Gb) to assist your end users in comprehending the data without having to convert units.

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Progressivism Philosophy Of Education Progressivism

Progressivism Philosophy of Education The philosophy of progressivism in the classroom is one that is student centered. Being developed in the nineteenth century, the progressivism philosophy is considered one of the more modern philosophies of teaching. Founded by George Sanders Pierce, William James and John Dewey, this philosophy believes in hands on, action oriented learning to achieve results (Sadovnik, Cookson, Semel, 2013). This philosophy believes that education transpires through questions that develop from experiencing the world. In other words, progressivism is active, not passive. Progressivism is a great way of reaching students in the classroom as shown through the purpose, and goal of school, role of the teacher, curriculum and method used in teaching with this philosophy of education. Purpose of Schooling The purpose of schooling, according to progressivism, is heavily thought to be social, or a liberal perspective. The liberal perspective on the purpose of schooling is the development and improvement of a better society. This liberal perspective developed during the progressive era of the U.S with the height of its popularity being after World War I. The liberal perspective supports capitalist market but believes if this market is not regulated it is likely that disadvantaged groups will be abused (Sadovnik, Cookson, Semel, 2013). Because of this, liberals believe that it vital for the government to be involved in the economic, political and socialShow MoreRelatedMy Philosophy of Education is Progressivism1372 Words   |  5 Pagesbelieve the essence of education includes growth. The purpose of education is not to just fill our head with lots of information, but to discover your uniqueness and to teach us how to develop it, and to show us how to, in return, give it away. Once y ou learn something in life, you should be able to absorb it in a way to use it in your life and then in turn pass it on to someone else in order to contribute to their growth as well. I also believe that the essence of education includes knowledge andRead MoreConstructivism And Progressivism Are My Philosophies Of Education962 Words   |  4 PagesConstructivism and Progressivism are my philosophies of education, I am an art teacher and working to be an art professor and therefore have a progressive attitude with constructing art. As I began learning and traveling down this path to becoming an art educator, my main goal was to inspire and help students to structure themselves on the building blocks of the arts. This however changed as time went on, my passion grew and so did my philosophy of education. At first glance, my philosophy was more so ofRead MoreProgressivism and Existentialism: My Beliefs Regarding the Philosophy of Education734 Words   |  3 Pagessafe context to dev elop self-esteem and confidence, which are the essential building blocks upon which they can successfully set and achieve goals. In regards to specific philosophies of education, my beliefs could be considered a combination between progressivism and existentialism. According to this philosophy of education, the role of the teacher is to provide students with instruction from the perspective of a support, helping the students develop their natural learning styles and abilitiesRead More My Philosophy of Education: Combining Progressivism, Essentialism and Behaviorism826 Words   |  4 PagesMy Philosophy of Education: Combining Progressivism, Essentialism and Behaviorism Upon being faced with the task of writing my philosophy of teaching, I made many attempts to narrow the basis for my philosophy down to one or two simple ideas. However, I quickly came to the realization that my personal teaching philosophy stems from many other ideas, philosophies, and personal experiences. I then concentrated my efforts on finding the strongest points of my personal beliefs aboutRead MoreEssay philosophy of education545 Words   |  3 Pages Progressivism My personal philosophy of education is most closely related to progressivism, which is a school of thought advocating that truth is determined by function. Progressivism is an educational philosophy focused on providing students with the skills and knowledge necessary not only to survive but also to succeed in a contemporary and competitive society. William James and John Dewey are accredited for developing the characteristically American philosophy of education that is progressivismRead MoreEssay on History of Philosophy 1225 Words   |  5 PagesI have simply accepted education as it has been presented me, blind to fact that there was any kind of well developed philosophy behind it. After being introduced to the main educational philosophies, perennialism, essentialism, progressivism and social resconstructionism, I have had the opportunity to decide for myself which ones I believe in and why. I must agree with Thomas Locke that we are born into this world a blank slate. Living in such an affluent society, education in America is providedRead MoreMy Personal Philosophy Of Education1476 Words   |  6 Pages CLES 871 Foundations of Higher Education Summer 2015 Instructor: Joel Abaya, PhD Personal Philosophy of Education Submitted by: Wessam Elamawy . Personal Philosophy of Education Introduction: From the very beginning of my life I recognized the importance of higher education. I am 34 years old. I am Egyptian. I was born in a highly educated family . My father earned a Ph.D. in chemistry. My uncle earned a Ph.D. in Engineering . My aunt is a doctor. My grandparents wereRead MoreProgressivism : Progressivism For A Progressive Society1643 Words   |  7 PagesProgressivism in Education: Progressivism for a Progressive Society There are five different philosophies of education that educators can choose from. The philosophies of education are essentialism, perennialism, progressivism, social reconstructionism, and existentialism. A teachers’ philosophy of education defines how they run their classroom, maintain classroom management, and expect their students to learn. For me, I have chosen the philosophy of progressivism. Progressivism is a student centeredRead MoreWhy I Should Be A Teacher1076 Words   |  5 Pageselementary education. The philosophy of teaching that I have chosen is progressivism. According to Cohen (1999), â€Å"Progressivists believe that education should focus on the whole child, rather than on the content or the teacher. This educational philosophy stresses that students should test ideas by active experimentation. Learning is rooted in the questions of learners that arise through experiencing the world.† The progressivism philosophy is known as a student-centered philosophy which focusesRead More My Philosophy of Education Essay603 Words   |  3 PagesMy Philosophy of Education There are four main schools of philosophy in education: Perennialism, Progressivism, Essentialism and Existentialism. The results of my philosophy of education module showed that I am very eclectic, with the strongest attributes being in Progressivism and Essentialism. My lowest attribute in the module was Existentialism. Let’s study each of the schools and my relation to them in the order that they were scored in my module: Progressivism, Essentialism, Perennialism

Finance Proposal - 1659 Words

.1.INTRODUCTION: This research is an overview that how organization can improve their output by information system planning and implementation? Ethical and professional practices as well as effective risk management, improving the outcomes and monitoring the performance.ERP system gives flexibility, quick response.ERP was introduced in early 1990’s to cope with the requirements of the market. This system is difficult to get in practice as it has many modules and can be modified according to the need of an organization. 1.1Company’s introduction SSGC (Sui Southern Gas company limited) is the Pakistan’s most leading company. Its purpose to provide natural gas to all the regions of the country. Beside transmission construction off all†¦show more content†¦1.7 Research problem: * To find out the factors of implementation of ERP. * To analyze the structure and planning of ERP in Sui Southern Gas Company Limited. 1.8Objective: * To overview the implementation of ERP in Sui Southern Gas Company. * To explain the importance of ERP as best practice in an organization. 1.9Limitations: There are many limitations in our current study due to which our research work got effected. Due to limitation of time(4 months) we do not at this point differentiate between alternative explanations for our findings. Also due to the limited financial resources. 2.Literature Review 2.1Social capital: Social capital :is the way to secure benefits via social networks. These benefits include gaining knowledge about network norms. It also represents the benefits of the benefits of members of human networks and communities. Repetition of interaction between people while they perform routine actions and work and procedure will form and transfer information .Social capital bridges the gap between the people within organization. Social capital; enhances communication, collaboration, knowledge access between the employees of organization. Social capital exploits knowledge and information skills. It is positively much related to post implementation learning. 2.2Post implementation: It is the process in which knowledge is created through experience. PostShow MoreRelatedA Proposal For Personal Finance1976 Words   |  8 Pages2016 ENGL 3310_48F Technical Report Writing Subject: A proposal for Personal Finance 101 to be added to the Bachelors of General Studies Degree Curriculum. The Mission Statement of Lamar University, aspires to engage and empower students with the skills and knowledge to thrive in their personal lives and chosen fields of endeavor. I believe that the course Personal Finance 101, directly respects our University’s mission. Personal Finance is defined as the financial decisions and activities ofRead MoreU.s. Federal Campaign Finance Reform Proposal1630 Words   |  7 PagesCourt case begins in 2009, the history behind it can be traced back nearly 150 years. In 1867, Congress enacted the first Federal campaign finance reform proposal. The proposal laid the foundation for all others to follow, as it criminalized naval yard workers from contributing money to Federal officials (Appendix 4). Although the next major campaign financing proposal would not happen for almost 50 years, the importance of the Congressional act of 1867 is unfathomable. Despite the difference of contributionsRead MoreBudget Proposal From Former Governor Govern or Bob McDonnell 705 Words   |  3 PagesThe outgoing Governor Bob McDonnell on December 10, 2013 revealed his two-year budget proposal called the ‘2014 – 2016 Biennial Budget and Amendments to the 2013 Appropriation Act.’ When Mr. McDonnell released his proposal at the Capital in Richmond he spoke about some key things in regards initiatives that needed to be taken. The first thing people noticed about the proposed budget was that it was 96 billion dollars. He made some increases in some areas while decreasing funding to areas many peopleRead MoreHow Does It Work?1291 Words   |  6 Pagesowe and the assets you own. We will also need details of your income and expenditure, so we can work out how much you can afford to pay to your unsecured creditors each month. We basically gather as much information as we can about you and your finances, so we can advise you what your best debt solution options are. Don’t worry if your business income fluctuates and you can’t afford to commit to a regular fixed monthly payment amount. Our self-employed IVA monthly payments can be flexible, takingRead MoreDiscount and Hawkins1069 Words   |  5 PagesProperty The negotiation started with discussion of the issue regarding the use of property. The Developer wished that the Retailer would deal only with soft goods, and asked them to use same product mix for all locations around the country. The proposal was declined because the Retailer felt it was limiting to deal with only soft goods. Retailer wanted to be free in selecting the type of goods and services. Their argument was that they needed to be more flexible regarding their product mix in orderRead MoreBaldwin Bicycle Company: Background of the Study784 Words   |  4 Pagesvalue bicycle, sold at retail prices under BBC’s normal product lines. Statement of the problem: What is the overall impact to the company if BBC will accept the proposal in terms of? a.) PROFIT b.) RETURN ON SALES c.) RETURN ON ASSETS d.) RETURN ON EQUITY Objectives: 1. To be able to show and analyze the proposal depending on the result which will be used to serve as a basis for making decisions. 2. To determine the total relevant cost in producing additional orders for Hi-ValuRead MoreCase Study : Eagle s Nest Motel Essay1255 Words   |  6 PagesRentals. Background: The goal of the proposal is to provide and merge the available resources to invest and increase its market position locally or internationally. The investment plan if approved will offer greater expansion of the company over 5 years. This proposal will be presented to the Executive Directors for endorsement. Objective: The strategy of the investment plan involves: 1. To advance the effectiveness of the existent hotels and motels, with our Finance and Operations Team helping in draftingRead MoreThe Stages in the Organizational Buying Process1471 Words   |  6 Pageschanges that have produced spectacular cost savings. The purchasing department usually kicks off value analysis efforts. Normally, however, the value analysis team will include purchasing personnel, engineers, and representatives from marketing and finance. Value analysis teams may even involve representatives from the seller’s organization. By involving vendors in the value analysis process, buyers can ensure that suppliers have a better understanding of their needs and, as a result, are better ableRead MoreExecutive Fellowship Program Applicant Assessment And Selection1263 Words   |  6 Pagesapplicants will require an approved US visa. Finalists for the position will have an opportunity for a personal interview either in person or by telephone. â€Æ' Part Two: Leading and Managing in Public Governance Exercise City of the Future Request for proposals of Strategic Initiative Projects A strategic initiative is a discretionary project designed to close a strategic performance gap. â€Å"These initiatives are significant because their goal is to achieve performance improvements that cannot occur throughRead MoreImplementing A Cohesive Proposition For A Youth Based Program Essay794 Words   |  4 Pagesdelivered for this exercise considers a grant proposal for a youth-based program. This proposal will be submitted to a government agency (either a nonprofit or a for-profit). The due date of the grant is set by the agency who will award the grant. The proposal due date sets this project against a calendar deadline. This deadline means the project will have a fixed time constraint for those writing the grant proposal. The writers of the proposal will strive to create a cohesive proposition enhanced

Memoization and Fibonacci Numbers for Dynamic Programming

Question: Discuss about theMemoization and Fibonacci Numbers for Dynamic Programming. Answer: Introduction Dynamic programming involves breaking down complex problem into sub-programs that can be solved easily. Once the sub-problem is solved, the answer is combined to get solution to complex a problem. The main problem in this project would be using memoization and dynamic programing concepts in Fibonacci numbers. In many cases, Fibonacci numbers calculation makes use of recursion which is quite iterative in nature. Important to note is that, dynamic programming application in Fibonacci numbers is used to avoid multiple sub-program calculations experienced in recursive algorithms. Memoization in dynamic programming takes both Bottom-pup and Top-down approach in solving the subject problem (Moerkotte Neumann, 2008). The Top-down approach breaks complex problem into sub-optimal problems while Bottom-Up approach combines sub-optimal solutions to desirable solution. The process starts by selecting a problem. Once problem has been identified, the best approach is chosen, Top-down or Bottom-up . Generally, dynamic problem works in cases where problems have right-left inherent order such as sequence of integers, strings ad trees graphs. Memoization involves concepts of storing results from previously computed functions and calling them on demand. On the other hand, recursion takes place when a program function calls itself several times while giving similar results from provided inputs. When results from integers are computed from provided inputs, they are stored in a buffer waiting to be conjoined to one desirable but complex optimal solution. The process might look similar to recursion but dynamic programming does not need recursion in order to work. Dynamic programing has its power on being able to understand which partial results would be required in building up the final answer (Dai, Chen Zheng, 2018). Therefore, the goal of this project would be to implement dynamic programming concepts when calculating an nth value in Fibonacci numbers through memoization. Typical problems There are many cases where dynamic programming has been applied but it is very important to evaluate which approach would work best. To understand the concept of memoization, dynamic programming and its application in Fibonacci numbers, some case studies would feature in the discussion. This section would be analyzed intensively by breaking it down into overview of memoization from inception to present. The background information would give detailed concepts of memoization and its application in dynamic programming. Similarly, it will involve evaluation of the problem, its importance and relevance to the study. It is at this section where key important aspect of memoization and dynamic programming are incorporated. It is at these two levels where implementation of memoization as it has been conjoined in the dynamic programming is done. Background information Dynamic programming date back 1950s when its concept was first introduced with an objective of making complex calculation simple (Cormen et al, 2009). Its operation is based on common phenomenon of principle of optimality. The principle implies that, the general optimal solution is a mere combination of sub-optimal solutions to some of its sub-problems. An evaluation of matrix chain multiplication problem shows that, it is quite wrong to assume the only value of interest is optimal. All values in the matrix table serves as a representation of optimal solution in the problem domain. It is important to note that Fibonacci numbers starts with only two set of values; either integer 1 and 1 or 0 and 1 in relation to chosen starting point. According to Stivala et al (2010), memoization and dynamic programming is applicable in Fibonacci numbers due to the fact that, it can be expressed in a finite sequence of decisions at several stages. The combination of both recursive and memoization was meant to come up with more reliable methodology to increase the performance of program execution. It is very clear from various evaluations of research that, dynamic programming through memoization has a wide array of applications. Finally, though it is highly recommended in many projects, it presents several challenges. However, it has been successfully implemented in various projects. Problem relevance and importance The problem is quite relevant to the study in that, with dynamic programming, the recursive nature of the problem is eliminated in the program. A good example depicts itself when a program to find for nth value such as 100 is run. In this case, instead of generating an array of numbers recursively, the entire set of 99 arrays is generated once and stored in order to be used in capturing desired results (Dai, Chen Zheng, 2018). Similarly, when dynamic programming is used in a program, memoization is the critical idea that improves program execution performance by eliminating the recursive nature of execution. Dynamic programming makes use of recursion and memoization to come up with more improved performance of generating and locating a given set of Fibonacci value (Fender, 2014). Therefore, the most important aspect would be to implement memoization in a program that generates a given value in Fibonacci numbers to improve its performance index. Timeline and milestones Period Milestones 1st Week 2nd Week 3rd Week 4th Week Planning Resources acquisition Coding Testing and deployment References Cormen, T. H., Leiserson, C. E., Rivest, R. L., Stein, C. (2009). Introduction to algorithms. Cambridge: MIT Press. Dai, H. P., Chen, D. D., Zheng, Z. S. (2018). Effects of Random Values for Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm. Algorithms, 11(2), 23. Fender, p. I. T. (2014). Efficient memoization algorithms for query optimization: top-down join enumeration through... Memoization on the basis of hypergraphs: anchor academic publishing. Jaffar, J., Santosa, A. E., Voicu, R. (2008). Efficient Memoization for Dynamic Programming with Ad-Hoc Constraints. In AAAI (Vol. 8, pp. 297-303). Moerkotte, G., Neumann, T. (2008). Dynamic programming strikes back. In Proceedings of the 2008 ACM SIGMOD international conference on Management of data. (pp. 539- 552). ACM. Stivala, A., Stuckey, P. J., de la Banda, M. G., Hermenegildo, M., Wirth, A. (2010). Lock-free parallel dynamic programming. Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing, 70(8), 839-848.